Vango Airbeam Tents – Pitching Information Update

Updated Pitching Instructions from Vango for all Airbeam Tents…

Further to customer feedback, and some reviews, we have been carrying out some investigation into reported issues with Airbeam tents. It has become apparent that some customers are inflating the tents to the maximum pressure of 5psi, then adding a few more pumps as they feel this adds stability and rigidity to the beams. Unfortunately this appears to be leading to some cases of burst tubes, and of seam taping opening, due to the added pressure on the seam.

Please note the following new instruction for inflating your Airbeam tent.

  • Inflate all tubes to 3psi. The tubes MUST be guided into an arch as they are inflated.
  • Once all tubes are inflated to 3psi each one can have an additional 1 or 2 “pumps” .
  • Final tube pressure MUST NOT exceed 4psi.

This slightly lower pressure does not affect the stability of the tents.

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